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Има ли желаещи за летни приключения? Отново предлагаме възможности за млади хора между 18 и 30 години да се впуснат в авантюрата, наречена доброволчество.


EVS  DRAGON’S QUEST FESTIVAL, second half of July 2018, Croatia

dragons fest 1 Dragon´s quest is a 5 day festival that will take place 26 – 30 July in a small village Tomingaj in rural part of Croatia near Gračac. During the festival a rich programme will be offered to the expected 300 – 400 people: creative workshops of local crafts such as felting wool, producing natural cosmetics, making flying dragons, sport workshops in nature – hiking, cycling, art workshops such as dance on silk, acroyoga, drumming …

dragons fest 2



16 volunteers (4 from each country) will come 8 days before and stay 2 days after the festival so it will be a 15 day short term EVS, during which coordinated by our EVS coordinator and organizers of the festival, volunteers will help in preparation of the festival, during the festival, and 2 days after with the closing. Volunteers will stay in tents in a camp in the beautiful natural surrounding of rural mountain region of Lika.

И както си знаете, желаещите да се включат в този проект нека изпратят CV и мотивационно писмо на evs@aksels.bg .


 И ОЩЕ 🙂

EVS   LEAVE YOUR TRACE, 13-26 August 2018 in Croatia

 leave YOUR TRACE_1

Participants: 3 youths, aged 18-30 from 8 countries

leave YOUR TRACE_2

As we are in the process of rebuilding and redecorating the surroundings of our center in order to make it more functional and user-friendly, volunteers’ tasks will be mainly woodwork, building a wooden fence around the center, building wooden furniture and decorative material. Also volunteers will experience living a healthy, active lifestyle in harmony with nature, as our educational center is located in a small village in the region of Lika and surrounded by untouched nature.

И отново, желаещите да се включат в този проект нека изпратят CV и мотивационно писмо на evs@aksels.bg .



“Rhytms of nature”

Готови ли сте за новите летни приключения? Искате ли да пътувате? Обичате ли да сте сред природата? Имате ли отношение към опазването на природата? А да се срещате с нови хора и да учите нови езици?

Този ЕДС проект е за вас!

Poster 1От 14 до 27 август 24 доброволци от България, Германия, Гърция, Чехия, Македония, Латвия, Испания и Италия ще учатват в ЕДС проект във Велики житник в Хърватска.

Целта на проекта е:

– да вдъхнови участниците за здравословен начин на живот;

– да провокира тяхната креативност;

– да ги насърчи да бъдат активни граждани в техните страни и др.


Poster 2

Какво е необходимо?

-да се интересувате от темата

– да имате мотивация за участие

– да бъдете между 18 и 30 години

– да можете да комуникирате на английски език

– да работите заедно с другите доброволци

– да сте позитивни

Повече информация може да се свържете с нас или да прочетете тук.

Как да кандидатствате? Попълнете EVS camp_Rhythms of Nature_Application form и ни я изпратете на e-mail: evs@aksels.bg до 1 юли 2017 г.


… и нека ритъмът на природата бъде с вас 🙂




Предлагаме прекрасна възможност за студенти по архитектура за дългосрочна мобилност по ЕДС в Словения през 2017 година. Проектът е свързан с реставрирането на старинен замък от 15 век. Желаещите могат да се свържат с нас по телефона или да ни пишат на имейл evs@aksels.bg.

Ето и подробности за проекта:


INFOSHEET EVS Design the future

The EVS project comprises conservation of cultural and natural heritage through creative industry. We wish to create additional opportunities for young people in order to offer them a chance to gather valuable working experience and get to know the aspects of cultural and natural heritage in detail.
Our organization RIS Mansion Rakičan is situated in a mansion that dates back to the 15th century. Despite regular maintenance work the mansion is in need of extensive reconstruction (inside and outside work). In addition, a nearby chapel will also be the object of reconstruction, as it has lost its original splendour and charm and is an integrated part of the mansion.
The project will involve two young volunteers aged from 20 to 30 years who have entered or wish to start a formal education regarding architecture, landscaping, design, etc.
The project will provide volunteers with the opportunity to be actively engaged in society in order to further their creativity and ingenuity through their own ideas regarding the reconstruction of the mansion. They will gain new knowledge and skills and gather practical experience that will be useful in their future carriers. During the formation of the project idea, volunteers will have the opportunity to experience the culture of our region, our habits, language, cuisine, etc.
A working opportunity abroad, whether it is a long-term or short-term stay, represents a valuable experience. Therefore, we will encourage young people to engage in such programmes and at the same time try to create the appropriate conditions and content so young people from other countries will be able to join the Slovenian EVS programme in the Prekmurje region.

This Project Is CLOSED_ask

Предлагаме възможност да се включите в краткосрочен ЕДС проект “INTERNATIONAL SNOWFALL 2017” в Латвия.


Чудесна възможност за 2 млади доброволци да участват в организирането и провеждането на ЕДС проекта“INTERNATIONAL SNOWFALL 2017” в Латвия, Vecpiebalga, в периода от 12.02.2017 г. до 15.03.2017г. Вместо снега, с който хората са свикнали, ще има истински международен снегопад от доброволци, които ще предизвикат промени не сред природата, а в живота на местните хора. Младежи от 6 държави ще организират международен месец .

international-snowfall-2016_1Description of the project: In February/March 2017 in Vecpiebalga county there will be happening something new, unprecedented. Instead of the snow we are used to, there will be happening international snowfall, which will not make so many differences in nature, but in European volunteers’ and local people’s lives. To Vecpiebalga county there will arrive 10 or 12 volunteers from 5 or 6 different European countries to help to make international month for local youth, children and people in general.

international-snowfall-2016_3The volunteers will visit different institutions in Vecpiebalga county, meet local youth and children, they will be involved in different activities, international evenings and most important – be creators of event “International Talent show 2017”. The main themes of the project are Rural development and urbanization, Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy) and Creativity and culture. The main aim to carry out this project is to change geographical and social isolation of young people from Vecpiebalga county to the active participation based on possibilities. The mission of the project – with support of European volunteers make an international month for local youth in Vecpiebalga county. The main objectives of the project:
to promote local youth involvement in different non-formal activities, workshops and the event “International Talent show”;
 –  to make the event “International Talent show” happen;
 –  to promote initiatives of local youth;
 –  to promote cultural diversity and interaction with youth from different countries;
 –  to develop use and understanding of non-formal education activities, programme “ERASMUS+” and European values and cultures in Vecpiebalga county by visiting different institutions of municipality;
 –  to promote volunteers self-development, to provide voluntary work and both side learning process.
The project will have positive impact to local society, and specially to youth, by creating different activities and workshops, sharing experiences, opening minds for different cultures, traditions and views, breaking stereotypes and experience differences and similarities between different countries. It will be opportunity for European volunteers and youth from Vecpiebalga region share their views about Europe, European Union, European citizenship, European values and cultures. The volunteers will stay in Latvia for 1 month.

В проекта ще участват и доброволци от Норвегия, Испания, Кипър, Португалия, Италия, Гърция и Латвия.

Желаещите могат да се свържат с нас по телефона или да ни пишат на имейл evs@aksels.bg.

This Project Is CLOSED_ask


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