Call_for_pax_info_Lightness_2017АКСЕЛС набира кандидати за обучение за младежки работници, които работят с младежи в неравностойно положение. Курсът ще се проведе в Латвия от 23 до 31 януари 2018 г.

The main aim of the training course is to provide youth workers with tools and approaches for their own supervision and to help them in learning how to support their colleagues in dealing with difficult cases and emotional situations through intervision groups. The specific objectives are:
- to create and work in the setting of non-formal education (NFE)
- to provide theoretical and practical information about the history and theories on social inclusion and on the different European realities and strategies
- to develop professional competencies and ethical approaches in the field of social inclusion and for the professional work with disadvantaged groups
- to support reflection about professional backgrounds, needs and development on youth workers
- to create an experiential learning environment where participants can learn tools for professional support, supervision, coaching, and peer support (intervision);
- to experience and learn from practical professional cases
- to learn tools and methods for looking at difficult cases with different point of views
- to experience and learn how to cope with close emotional relationships and other stressors connected with the youth work occupation
- to improve the ability of participants to support other colleagues in dealing with stress as youth workers
- to understand how Erasmus+ can support social inclusion of young people.

За повече информация може да се свържете с нас.Местата са ограничени.


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